About Us

Austin Epoxy Metallic has been in the formulation and chemical manufacturing business for over 10 years. Austin Epoxy Metallic utilizes a Research & Development Facility with staff having over 100 years of formulation experience.

Our company uses the latest lab equipment and technology for analysis of Polymer Composition, Synthesis, Characterization, Phase Behavior, Structure, Morphology and Rheology. We use these advanced techniques to determine the performance properties of our macromolecules.

Using a wide variety of tools like Fourier Transformative Infrared Spectroscopy, we can compare polymer degradation. Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Thermogravametric Analysis reveal coatings thermal properties. Gas Chromatography can determine a polymers composition. How a polymeric fluid’s viscosity behaves under force can be calculated using Capillary Break-up Extensional Rheometry. Scanning Electron Microscope can give a 3D representation of a polymeric material. The combination of these forensic technologies makes Austin Epoxy Metallic the leader in advanced polymer technology.

Austin Epoxy Metallic has a particular focus on transformative approaches of innovative materials with superior properties, as well as a fundamental understanding and optimization of structure property relationships of macromolecules.

Austin Epoxy Metallic stays current with coatings trends and strives to meet the needs of the future. Whether it is international collaborations for nano-functionalized coatings or environmentally friendly low VOC coatings, we have all the resources to meet your desires.

All of our products are 100% made in the USA.

Austin Epoxy Metallic is dedicated to safety and environmental stewardship. All of our products are manufactured, stored, transported, used, disposed of and recycled beyond industry standards. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service while maintaining quality control and quality assurance.

Austin Epoxy Metallic combines innovation and experience to bring value to our customers.

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